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Item No.:TM-170

Product Name:
Hi-tech Microfiber Suede Cloth

Product Line:
Cleaning cloths (Microfiber Products), Dust-Cloth, Wipe

Composition: microfilaments 70% polyester 30% polyamide
Weight : 170 g/sqm
Size & Color : Available in custom size and color
Packing : bulk package, individual packing

1. The unrivalled performance of Microfilaments in a new generation of products for all kind of cleaning and drying purposes.
2. With their terrific absorption capacity, up to 400% of their own weight in water, the microfiber suede cloths make surfaces dry and shiny with just one wipe.
3. The edgeless cloth is the ultimate in microfiber detailing technology. It can cut to be any size to use.
4. The cloths capture and absorb the finest dust particles. Slightly wet they easily remove grease and tough dirt.
5. Unlike staple fibres, the cloth's microfilaments are endless, resulting in absolutely lint-free cleaning.
6. It is washable and re-usable.
7. Compact material with ultra-light weight, let it has fast drying power.
8. High-tech innovation clean better than anything.

1. Soft, ligh and easy to handle, the cloth is comfortable to use. It is eassy to rinse, and dry quickly.