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TG301 Squeegee
Item No.:TG-301

Product Name:
TG-301 Window Washer

Product Line:

Component : Mop - polyester, Squeege - rubber, Base & Grip - polypropylene
Size : Base-27cm, Rubber - 11"
Packing : 1set/polybag, 100sets/ctn/2.70cu.ft.

1. When packing, grip is capable of adjusting to the base for saving measurements.
2. The threaded grip is able to connect with telescopic Aluminum handle or Steel handle for washing high place.
3. The Mop is replaceable. You also can take it off for cleaing.
4. Easy to use and clean.

1. Adjust the handle vertically to the main body of this window washer.
2. Fasten the knob by turning it in clock-wise direction