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Item No.:TA-363B

Product Name:
TA-363B Bamboo Kitted Exfoliating Towel

Product Line:
Component: Nylon / Bamboo fiber
Size : L- 90cm, W- 28cm
Packing : 1 pc / polybag,300 pcs / carton / 3.5cu.ft.

1. It can massage your skin of whole body to reinforce blood circulation and make a smooth, soft & beautiful skin.
2. Easy to lather that can save bath gel or soap.
3. Theblack material is polyester filament yarn with bamboo charcoal material are kinds of functional filament. That's because the bamboo charcoal is consisted of tremendous cells that it has the ability of absorbing smell and moisture. Besides, it also has the effect of releasing far infra red ray. Therefore the filament yarn has outstanding functions of odor preventing, warmth keeping, and blood circulation aiding.

1. Refresh and revitalize your skin, making it radiant.
2. With high quality , especially gentle to the skin.
3. Suitable for most skins, and revitalize all parts of body.